At Programmed Care, we welcome and encourage feedback from our valued clients, their families and friends, and our staff. Your experiences matter to us and we want to hear your thoughts.


We appreciate all types of feedback, including:

Compliments: If you've had a wonderful experience or wish to recognise someone who has gone the extra mile for you, please share your compliments. By understanding what we're doing well, we can strive to maintain and enhance these aspects, while also providing recognition to our exceptional staff.

Comments: We value your ideas and suggestions on how we can improve our services. Your insights play a crucial role in helping us refine our offerings, ensuring they align with your needs and preferences.

Complaints: If, for any reason, you haven't had a satisfactory experience with Programmed Care, we genuinely want to know. Whether it's related to a person, a specific service, or any other aspect, your complaint will be investigated and addressed with utmost care.

We understand the importance of privacy, which is why our feedback process allows you to remain anonymous. Once you provide your feedback, our operational improvement team will receive and thoroughly review your submission.

Your input is vital in our constant pursuit of improving the care and services we deliver.