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Our home nursing services provide you with the support you need to recover in the comfort of your own home following an illness, hospital stay or medical procedure. We have an extensive team of highly experienced nurses and support staff, as well as a network of preferred specialist providers to meet all your care needs. We work closely with you, your family and your treating health care team to make sure you are connected to the services you require to meet your health goals.


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Personal care assistance

Personal care assistance

Whether you need some help with everyday health and hygiene, someone to help you plan and prepare your favourite meals and meet your healthy eating goals or keep you mobile and comfortable as you go about your day, our friendly team can assist.

Wound care

Wound care

One of the most important factors to recovering at home after a surgery or procedure is wound care. If your wound is mismanaged, the risk of infection increases significantly and can lead to further health complications. Our clinical care team will monitor your wound, apply prescribed ointments, and dress and replace bandages to treat infection and prevent disease. Our expertise includes management of acute and chronic wounds, the use of simple and complex dressings including Negative Pressure Wound Therapy.

Medication management

Medication management

Medication Management helps to reduce the likelihood of medication errors and improves the safety and quality of care at home. A Registered Nurse will assist with medication set-up, scheduling and administration, including any injections, to ensure you have received the correct dosage. A clear line of communication will be established between Programmed Care, your pharmacist and GP to track your recovery.

Intravenous (IV) Therapy

Intravenous (IV) therapy

Receiving IV therapy at home reduces the need for an extended hospital stay or regular visits to your treating clinician. Our nurses are IV certified and can administer a wide range of IV therapies.

IV therapy may be required to treat infections that are unresponsive to oral antibiotics or antiviral medications, nutrition support, dehydration, gastrointestinal diseases, congestive heart failure, Crohn’s Disease, haemophilia, immune deficiencies, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, bone infections, cellulitis, urinary tract infections, sinusitis, pneumonia and more.

Continence assistance and stomal therapy

Continence assistance and stomal therapy

Continence assistance and stomal therapy is designed to support the management of bowel and bladder control problems, normally through the use of continence aids. Our care team can support with aids and appliances such as disposable pads, bed pans, commode chairs, PEG tubes and ostomy pouches. Our trained nurses can also assist with managing and replacing your catheter and help you to develop a continence management plan.

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Our stories

Bill's Story

Bill served 13 years in the Royal Australian Navy, spending the majority of his time sailing in the Pacific. After retiring from service, Bill relocated to Brisbane to commence work with the Department of shipping and transport, where he was responsible for maintaining a number of manned lighthouses along the Queensland coast. In his later years Bill experienced a number of health issues stemming from his time in the armed forces


Debi's Story

Community nursing provides Debi with flexibility and variation in her day. She visits clients throughout south east Queensland and loves meeting many great personalities along the way. Debi carries out in-home assessments, implementation of simple to complex wound care, showering assistance for those returning from hospital or at risk of falls, continence assessments and medication administration.


Kevin's Story

After 25 years in the Australian Army working as a weapons technician, including tours of Borneo and Vietnam, Kevin now feels most comfortable at home creating beautiful artwork, using wood burning techniques, with his dog Charlie by his side.


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We understand that home care can be confusing, that’s why our team have developed a comprehensive guide to help you navigate and access home care services.


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To get started, call our friendly team on 13 10 95 and we will guide you through the process of setting up your services with Programmed Care, including visiting you at home to put together your care plan exactly how you want it and establishing your care team.

It’s easy! Call our friendly team on 13 10 95 and we will guide you through the process of setting up your services with Programmed Care, including working with your former provider to seamlessly manage the transfer of your package and the management of your budget.